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Individual coaching sessions with Randall McNeal are client directed, beginning when a person comes in with a goal or objective that he/she needs assistance in accomplishing. The first step is usually an evaluation of the client’s strengths, skills and aptitudes that can contribute to reaching the goal. Randall then devises a strategy and action plan, completely customized for that client. A variety of tools and resources are utilized to fill in the missing pieces that will pave the way to success.
Corporate coaching is conducted in a business setting, and can be effective for individuals, workplace teams or large employee groups. It can focus on career development within an organization and/or achieving corporate goals. Randall McNeal can help a company identify how it would benefit most from coaching, and then create a strategy to make it happen.
Popular corporate coaching topics include:
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Identifying and Enhancing Team Members’ Strengths
  • Positive and Effective Workplace Communication
  • Time Management to Maximize Efficiency
  • Increasing your Value to your Employer
  • Motivating Employees and Teams
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